WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

Overview Of WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

WDet-5000UVI is the first full-spectrum (200-800nm) immersion UV portable water quality analyzer at home. With features of the delicate and convenient structure, plug and play, auto cleaning function, this online water analyzer can be widely applied to measure indexes including COD, BOD, and turbidity in surface water, underground water, and municipal sewage.

Technical Principle Of WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

The portable water analyzer adopts a pulse xenon lamp as the light source and ultraviolet spectrometer as a detector, which can collect the absorption spectrum of water pollution between 200nm and 800nm in real time. The water pollutant content can be analyzed by this portable water quality analyzer in real time through the chemometrics algorithm technology. The optical path is shown as the following figure.

The spectral probe of the portable water analyzer can record a complete spectrum between 200nm to 800nm (UV-visible light) and distinguish the spectrum into 256 wavelengths to obtain "Spectral fingerprint". The water analyzer equipment can monitor multiple parameters simultaneously through the information contained in spectral fingerprint and compensate those parameters aiming at possible cross-sensitivity. The relevance between measuring result and laboratory result achieves high quality that simple optical instrument can never obtain before.

Features Of WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

  • The portable water quality analyzer adopts a full spectrum (200-800nm) (UV-visible light) measurement technology and chemometrics algorithm. Compared with dual wavelength background deduction technology, portable water quality analyzer can measure more parameters and be less affected by composition change of sewage.
  • Our online water analyzer uses high-pressure gas to clean probe automatically, or employ immersion electrical brush to clean.
  • Not required for reagent preparation; save operating cost and no secondary pollution.
  • ZETIAN portable water quality analyzer has fast response time(about 2s), applied to occasions with high requirements for real-time.
  • Without interference by chloride.

Technical Specification Of WDet-5000UVI Immersion UV Water Analyzer

Measuring Method

UV/visible light DOAS, wavelength range: 200-800nm

Power supply




Zero drift



0~50~200mg/L, larger range is customizable

Measurement interval

Minimum 60s, period can be set

Probe immersion depth


Optical path

Adjust according to actual working condition

Water temp requirement


Probe IP grade


Cleaning method

Gas purging or immersion electric brush

Auto cleaning period

External control

External interface

RS232, MODBUS protocol

Probe dimension


Probe weight


Auto compensation of cross sensitivity


Measuring range of Integrated temp


Temperature sensor resolution


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