ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Vehicle Exhaust Remote Sensing System

ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Vehicle Exhaust Remote Sensing System

ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Vehicle Exhaust Remote Sensing System

Overview Of ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Car Emissions Test Equipment

The ERMS2000-F horizontal stationary vehicle exhaust remote sensing system, developed by our company, is suitable for stationary enforcement of city roads. It can detect the CO, CO2, NO, HC and opaque smoke intensity in gasoline and diesel vehicle exhaust with fast response time (<0.5s) as well as simple system operation. Coordinating with the micro environment air station system, can collect external environment information and eliminate background interference. The measured signals are transmitted through WIFI, and it can be connected to the LED screen to display vehicle exhaust emission information. Dispensing with sample extraction, the technology avoids the interference and uncertainty from sampling to reflect the pollution condition of vehicle exhaust emission objectively.

Features Of ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Car Emissions Test Equipment

  • Fully-enclosed exhaust analysis:
fully-enclosed design; waterproof and dust insulation, unique optical-mechanical structure without outside environmental interference.

  • Air quality monitoring system:
A micro air quality monitoring system is optional, which can measure background value in real time to eliminate background interference.

  • Narrow-wave radar speed measurement:
adopt narrow-wave radar speed measurement with low microwave irradiation, low power consumption, long service life, high stability, and reliability; locate target accurately to avoid adjacent clutter interference; fast response time to ensure the capture rate and instantaneity of the target.

  • Integrated calibration system:
This type of air pollution analyzer has four components (CO, CO2, HC, NO) can be calibrated simultaneously, support both manual/auto calibration with simple operation and high efficiency.

  • Real-time data matching:
real-time data matching without post-processing; output monitoring results in real time; combined with vehicle identification technology, screen excessive emission vehicle.

  • Remote online monitoring system:
online monitor battery status, calibration state, system alarm information, wireless communication signals and etc. Remote monitoring and operation, convenient for the operator to monitor system parameters.

  • Auto record and storage:
logs will record all the operating and alarm information for query and tracing, which is convenient for problem processing and solving. The outage will not affect data storage.

Application Of ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Car Emissions Test Equipment

The vehicle emission testing equipment is used for the online monitoring of CO, CO2, NOx, HC, and opacity in vehicle exhaust emission. All parts are in the deft design and convenient for installation, which can be installed in all road sections and toll gates. It can form an online monitoring web through appropriate deployment in the typical area. Combined with network transmission technology, it can achieve data sharing and result display with environment detection center and vehicle management center, which provide the scientific basis for decision maker and vehicle exhaust pollution control measures, thus achieve the goal of online monitoring for the city vehicle pollution.

Specification Of ERMS-2000-F Horizontal Stationary Car Emissions Test Equipment

Factors Range Absolute Error Relative Erro
CO 0~10% ±0.25% ±10%
0~16% ±0.25% ±10%
HC 0~10000ppm ±10ppm ±10%
NO 0~10000ppm ±20ppm ±10%
Opacity 0~100% ±2%

  • Pollutant Repeatability: NO, HC, CO, and CO2 is a half of the maximum permissible error.
  • Speed Range: 5km/h~120km/h
  • Speed Detection Error: ≤±1.5km/h
  • Acceleration Error: ≤±0.2m/s2
  • Vehicle Image Capture Rate: ≥98%
  • Vehicle License Recognition Rate: ≥90%
  • Vehicle Image: picture will be saved in database in form of JPEG
  • Data Transmission Method: wireless wifi, wired broadband or 4G transmission
  • Response Time: ≤0.5s (T90) (system processing period)
  • Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+85℃, error≤±0.2℃
  • Relative Humidity: 0~100%RHerror≤±3%RH
  • Wind Seed: 0~60m/s, error≤±0.3m/s or ±3%, take the maximum
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 10hPa~1100hPaerror≤±5hPa

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