Technical Advantages of Portable Systems

Technical Advantages of Portable Systems

The portable FTIR gas analyzer truly applies the principle of Fourier analysis to the on-line real-time analysis of field gases. Its solid and reliable interferometer, anti-corrosion sample gas chamber, long light path of multiple reflection, quick and convenient analysis software make the instrument have the characteristics of small volume, solid structure, strong seismic resistance, direct sampling, quick analysis and so on, it is an ideal tool for on-site rapid analysis.

Portable heating sampling system

Portable heating sampling system is specially designed for continuous gas emission monitoring, especially suitable for FT-2000P series portable FTIR gas analyzer, with built-in high temperature sampling pump, the whole process heat tracing sampling system is an ideal tool for accurate measurement of pollution components in high moisture content and strong corrosive gas emissions.

The portable sampling system is composed of an integrated sampling tracing rod, a pre-treatment box with adjustable flow rate, a tracing tube and a temperature control module.

The integrated sampling heat tracing probe rod contains a filter element, a pre-treatment box with a built-in heating sampling gas pump, which does not need to carry out complex pre-treatment processes such as dilution and dehydration of the sample gas. The sampling system and the gas chamber are heated at 180 ℃ throughout the whole process, and the sample gas will not have any condensation during the conduction process. The sample gas is directly connected to the gas analyzer equipment for analysis to realize non-destructive measurement.

A built-in oxygen sensor (zirconia) enables the measurement of oxygen.

The temperature and pressure flow interface is reserved for customers to choose, so as to realize the measurement of flue gas pressure, temperature, flow rate and other parameters.

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