The Notes in Maintenance Process of the Cems Analyzer

The Notes in Maintenance Process of the Cems Analyzer

To ensure that the measurement data of the online continuous emission monitoring system for flue gas emission is accurate and reliable, the working conditions of each device of the cems analyzershould be inspected every day. Monitor the historical data, and data reports, find and eliminate the abnormalities in the equipment in time to improve the reliability of the system. The following daily maintenance work need to be done well:

1. Heating device and cooling device

The heating device and the cooling device are important equipment to protect the cems analyzer, and are the focus of daily inspection and maintenance. The temperature of the heating device is generally controlled at about 130°C. Without heating, moisture in the flue gas enters the cems analyzer, causing clogging of the filter element and damage to the cems analyzer. At the same time, acid mist is formed in the pipeline, which directly affects the measurement results. The device temperature is generally controlled at about 4°C. If the condenser temperature can only reach 6°C and above, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. Check the blowback system

When checking the blowback system, whether the pressure of the blowback air source is within the normal range need to be checked. When manually blowing back, switch the system to the maintenance state for back blowing. Automatic back-blowing is to set the back-blowing time in the PLC control system and keep the measured data, and there will be no control system adjustment abnormalities or equipment damage due to back-blowing.

3. Inspection of peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump is used to discharge the water in the condenser tube of the refrigerator and to seal the sampling gas path. If the peristaltic pump does not work for a long time, condensate will enter the sampling pump and cems analyzer, causing damage to the equipment. If the peristaltic pump tube is damaged, the sampling pipeline will not be tightly sealed and the measurement data will be abnormal.

4. Filter check

The function of primary filter, secondary filter and hydrophobic filter is to filter out the moisture and impurities in the sample gas. The filter element needs to be replaced regularly, and the cycle is generally 3 to 6 months.

5. Sampling probe inspection

Regularly check the working condition of the sampling probe heater and the blockage of the probe filter element. The filter element of the sampling probe should be cleaned regularly and replaced if it is seriously clogged. The replacement cycle is generally 6 months.

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