Applications of Car Emissions Test Equipment

Applications of Car Emissions Test Equipment

(1) Detect the emission of motor vehicles and monitor the level of pollutants to determine whether the pollutants are qualified or exceeded.

(2) Carburetor vehicles are inspected and adjusted so that the air-fuel ratio is at a reasonable level to improve combustion efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions.

(3) By means of detection and diagnosis, the electronic control system, combustion system and catalytic conversion system can be monitored to find out the problems and solve them accordingly.

(4) Detecting whether there is leakage or damage in the automobile emission system/VOC monitoring system;

(5) Examinable items include combustion, ignition energy, intake effect, fuel supply, mechanical conditions and many other engine failures.

(6) Other related diagnostic purposes, such as the diagnosis of system fault codes, judging whether the air-fuel ratio and oxygen sensors are normal, etc.

At present, China's automobile and motorcycle production offline detection, automobile maintenance detection, instruments used in the fields of automobile pollution detection, automobile pollution detection and control apply non-spectroscopic principle and electrochemical principle of small instruments. It is of low cost. It has the characteristics of high accuracy and sensitivity, wide measurement range, fast response, good selectivity, stability and reliability, simultaneous measurement of multi-component gases, continuous analysis and automatic control. Non-spectroscopic infrared absorption method is used in the test methods prescribed by the national standards for vehicle pollution detection, including idle method, double idle method and simple working condition method.

In short, car emissions test equipment plays a huge role and will be paid more and more attention.

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