Background technology of dust particle measuring device

Background technology of dust particle measuring device

The methods of dust particle measuring device mainly include optical analysis method and non-optical analysis method. Non-optical analysis method is difficult to monitor the dust concentration in real time because of its slow response speed and complex processing.

For example, the existing chemical reaction dust concentration sensor needs to collect and process air dust, which has measurement delay difference and cannot be measured in real time. However, the safety of the electric dust concentration measuring device is poor. When the dust concentration in the mine is too high, a slight electric spark will cause the risk of mine explosion.

The technology of this type of CEMS analyzer based on optical analysis has the characteristics of high detection sensitivity, strong selectivity and fast response, which is suitable for on-site real-time monitoring and low cost. It is an ideal method for dust concentration measurement in the future.

However, the existing handheld dust concentration measuring devices must require operators to measure in the field, and in the environment similar to coal mines with high dust concentration, operators must take dust-proof measures during the measurement, otherwise the respiratory tract will be damaged and health will be affected.

In addition, since the measuring instrument is located in the area of high dust, dust deposition must occur on the surface or inside the instrument after long-time use, which will affect the measurement accuracy.

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