Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Suppliers

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Suppliers

Advantages of ZETIAN Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

1. The portable flue gas analyzer is small in size, easy to carry, high in sensitivity, convenient operation, has a long standby time, and can directly display the gas concentration on site. It is applied to continuously detect the percentage concentration of gas in the ambient air of industrial and mining enterprises. If the concentration of harmful gas exceeds the standard, the alarm will be given immediately.

2. The portable flue gas analyzer uses the design of extended pipe, which is suitable for use in closed places with toxic gas leakage, such as refrigerators, refrigeration workshops, tunnel mines, urban sewers, gas, natural gas pipelines. Operators in those places may encounter various types of dangerous gases, so it is necessary to consider which type of gas analyzer to choose. ZETIAN, as one of the portable flue gas analyzer suppliers in China, provides you good-quality gas analyzers with the android touch screen.

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Suppliers

3. The portable analyzer has its own service life, and will still be aging when it is not used frequently. Therefore, you must read the instructions carefully before using, and use the equipment within the validity period of the sensor.
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