Different Gas Analyzers and their Applications

Different Gas Analyzers and their Applications

Gas analyzers are devices for gas analysis, which is used to measure the concentration of a specific gaseous compound within a mixture of multiple gases.

Continuous Flue Gas Analyzer and It's Applications

Continuous flue gas analyzers are the the monitoring instrument generally used for continuous gas analysis of an individual sample point in a facility. 

Measuring the exhaust gas is an good way to optimize fuel input. Zetian Technology manufactures continuous flue gas analyzers for this purpose. A continuous flue gas analyzer will enable you to measure the concentrations of various gases and adjust burners on a boiler to help achieve optimal bunrning.
Continuous Flue Gas Analyzers

High Temperature Gas Analyzer and It's Applications

The High-Temperature gas analyzer is also called high-temperature Hygronom or gas moisture meter, which is used to measure the humidity of flue gas emitted by pollution source. According to the measured humidity, it converts wet gas concentration into dry gas concentration. High temperature gas analyzer is widely used in industrial online humidity monitoring, which is used to analyze dew point.
high temperature gas analyzer

SO2 Gas Analyzer and It's Applications

The SO2 gas analyzer is a continuous sensor-based gaseous analyzer used to to detect pollutant gas in the air. Zetian Technology provide specially designed SO2 gas analyzers to measure sulfur dioxide (SO2).
SO2 Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer Manufacturer - Zetian Technology

Zetian Technology is reliable to deliver specialist gas analysis solutions to the global market. As one of the industry-leading gas analyzer manufacturers for precision applications, you can 
find the ideal solution with AM-5100 series SO2 Analyzers.
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