Online monitoring of HCl/HF in Waste Incineration

Online monitoring of HCl/HF in Waste Incineration

LGT-100 Laser gas analyzer has been installed in more than 40 cities to monitor HCl, HF, NH3, CO and other gases, covering the fields like waste incineration, ceramics, SCR and etc. This analyzer is an in-suit module and no pretreatment is required. There are no movable components that ensure better reliability and stability.

Four LGT-100 laser gas analyzers have been installed in a green energy company of Zhejiang since October 2014. It is applied to measure HCl. In the past 3 years, our analyzers are running stable with reliable performance. Only regular maintenance is required for transmittance. For efficient online monitoring on HCl of waste incineration, the emission of this energy company meets the regulation standard and avoid further pollution for air quality.

In October 2015, another 5 laser gas analyzers were installed in a plant located in Sichuan Province to monitor HF concentration. Our products and professional service are widely praised by clients for its high accuracy and low maintenance cost.

Online monitoring of HCl/HF in Waste Incineration

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