Brief Introduction, Working Principle and Application Scope of On-line Gas Analyzer

Brief Introduction, Working Principle and Application Scope of On-line Gas Analyzer

1. Introduction of online gas analyser

On-line gas analysis instrument is a tool used for gas composition analysis and inspection, with the help of which data of certain composition types and contents can be obtained. However, the gas analysis instrument is not a simple tool. It is neither as simple as a flow meter or pressure gauge nor as easy to operate and use as various thermal instruments. It is a kind of tool with complex structure and difficult to use technology. The use of gas analysis instrument is a more complicated specialized technology that is difficult to master.

Generally speaking, the online gas analyser application itself is a unique technical work, and it is a kind of research work. However, this is not recognized and understood by outsiders.

2. The working principle of the online gas analyzer

This instrument is a non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer, and its working principle is based on the selective absorption of infrared by certain gases. The instrument uses a single light source, a single tube with a half-air chamber and an advanced detector, with exquisite workmanship, high analytical accuracy and good stability. It adopts advanced digital processing technology, with brand new LCD screen equipped.

3. Application range of online gas analyzer

The online gas analyzer is used to continuously analyze the content of CO, CO2, SO2, CH4, NH3 and other gases in multiple gas mixtures.

Wide range of product applications:

1) Used for environmental monitoring such as air and pollution source emission;

2) Used for industrial process control in petroleum, chemical, power station and other industries;

3) Used in agriculture, medical and health, scientific research and other fields;

4) Gas content determination in various combustion tests in the laboratory;

5) Used for air monitoring in public places.

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