The Typical Application of Ammonia Escape Integrated On-Line Monitoring System

The Typical Application of Ammonia Escape Integrated On-Line Monitoring System

In the context of the implementation of "ultra-low emissions" in the coal power industry, environmental protection requirements have become increasingly stringent. And various industries are facing tremendous pressure to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Further tightening of emission standards is a major trend in future development.

As a key process indicator of the flue gas denitration process, the demand for ammonia escape detection and analysis is also increasing. The integrated online gas analyzer equipment for ammonia escape can perform online gas analysis and is widely used in industries such as electric power, steel, and cement.

The integrated online monitoring system of ammonia escape combined with the high temperature sampling pretreatment system can realize the sampling and analysis of ammonia gas without condensation and very low adsorption. Based on the new generation of mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy technology, the detection accuracy is also very high, which is very suitable for environmental protection customers to perform verification and comparison of the integrated ammonia escape online monitoring system, and the power industry to perform ammonia injection and leveling operations on SCR.

Due to the harsh working conditions of coal-fired boilers and the strong adsorption and strong water solubility of ammonia molecules, compared with other CEMS cod measuring equipments that detect other flue gas components, the integrated online monitoring system for ammonia escape generally has measurement accuracy and long-term operational reliability problems.

Therefore, the market needs a kind of online gas analyser. In the face of various comparison tests and control tests, the integrated ammonia escape online monitoring system has the characteristics of higher accuracy, convenient transportation and use, low maintenance, stability and reliability.

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