When Choosing an Air Quality Analyzer, You Need to Understand the Following Two Principles

When Choosing an Air Quality Analyzer, You Need to Understand the Following Two Principles

Nowadays, the market is full of air quality analyzers of different types, functions, and prices. How to select and distinguish the most suitable products for your project is a headache for many buyers. So today we will talk about the two principles that need to be paid attention to when purchasing an air quality analyzer.

1. Select the air quality analyzer according to the detection index

What air indicators need to be monitored during your use? Think about this problem first, so that you can quickly determine the right air quality analyzer for you. Generally speaking, as a commercial air quality analyzer, it needs to be able to measure multiple pollutants, so that managers can have a more comprehensive understanding of air quality and provide effective insights for optimizing indoor air.

In addition, each building certification also has requirements for monitoring indicators. Therefore, understanding the detection indicators is one of the important principles for purchasing different types of air quality analyzers.

2. Use air quality analyzer that is more time-saving and labor-saving for calibration

In order to ensure the accuracy of the air quality analyzer, whether it is a gas analyzer manufacturer or various building certification agencies, users are required to perform regular calibration of the equipment. However, for most air quality analyzers on the market, the calibration process is often time-consuming and expensive: users often need to disassemble the product first, send it back to the original manufacturer, wait for the technical experts to calibrate, and then send it back again. This process can be as short as a few weeks and as long as several months. While causing unnecessary costs to the enterprise, it will also result in a period of data gaps. Therefore, when choosing an air analyzer, we recommend that you give priority to equipment that is more convenient for daily maintenance and calibration. As a professional gas analyzer manufacturer, Zetian Technology can provide you with the most convenient instrument for calibration.

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